From Communication Breakdowns to Communication Breakthroughs

By Roy Nallapeta

Whether it's business or war, effective communication is the key to winning. In this 45 Mins Zoom session, Roy will go through a few frameworks and principles to communicate effectively as leaders and peers in business.

Date : May 24, 2022 (Tue)

Time : 08:00 PST

Zoom Session Limited Seats! 

Roy Nallapeta | Workshop Leader

Workshop Outcomes

In this session you will learn:

Historical blunders as lessons for better communication
A bad news insurance principle you can't ignore as a leader
The one rule to succeed in communicating in a hybrid world
The principle to avoid information overload
3 must-have frameworks to cut through the noise and communicate effectively

Meet Roy Nallapeta

Co-founder & CEO, Glance Inc.

Roy Nallapeta is an engineer turned into a Marketer. Roy currently runs Glance, where he helps SaaS companies convert their contacts into customers through smart segmentation.

Roy previously founded AdNuance, a digital marketing company, and helped create effective communication strategies for companies. He also previously, held various positions as Sales, product head, and delivery lead spanning retail, banking, healthcare, and eCommerce.