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Rajesh Setty | Course Creator

Ready | Reframe | Go!

To flourish means to grow or develop in a healthy way, especially as a result of a particularly favorable environment. The word "flourish” is used typically when we are referring to flora and fauna. Our thesis is the need and rules are the same for human beings when it comes to growth. In other words, for your balanced growth, your environment (inner world + outer world) should be set up to support the same.

To “flourish by design” in this context means to go about this with a thoughtful approach to elevate your inner world and the parts of your outer world that you can influence.

To reframe is to look at things differently, from another vantage point, from the foundation of a different worldview, and more. The same glass that’s half-full is also half-empty depending on how one looks at it.

Flourish by Design is a course where leaders learn powerful reframes to help them grow, give and get an edge.

So, what happens when you as a leader are able to grow, give and get an edge? You can imagine the possibilities yourself. We think you will experience meaningful work, enriching relationships, and joyful life.

Course Outcomes

After this program, you can expect to become a leader who

Is More Empathetic
Has Better Relationships
Has More Confidence
Sees More Possibilities
Is More Productive
Creates More Value for Your Organization and/or their Community

But, will the reframes alone help you to grow, give and get an edge?


Here’s why… 

Well, if you’ve ever been to any personal development course… you’d certainly have heard of “Reframes”.

However, not many coaches or trainers know the true power of Reframing. And why it is so powerful.

The real reason why Reframing works is because they take care of our primal instincts which can sometimes be nasty or destructive.

For example, if I’m driving on the road and a car cuts me off suddenly… my innate nature might be to curse and swear at the driver. 

If I’m in a bad mood, I might even sound the car horn at him. 

And it might sound perfectly understandable and reasonable to do so because we are angry.

When we are angry (or annoyed/frustrated), we are in a horribly-low energy state (low vibrations) and hence, we might unknowingly make the wrong choices or decisions. 

Using the example above, if a driver pisses me off… but I fail to clear the energy of anger and frustration, then I’ll interact with my co-workers or family in an unhappy state. 

My family or colleagues would then be affected by me just because I was angered by a reckless driver.

Because of this, the small unhappiness caused by the driver expands and it spreads to the people around me. 

Now, I have spread the unhappiness from 1 to 3 (or even 5 or more people).

While this might sound pretty ridiculous, it’s actually quite common in the corporate world. 

But what if we interrupt our thoughts with a reframe? 

The Art of Reframe helps to transform lower energy states to higher level ones. 

From anger to peace.

From dissatisfaction to gratitude. 

From disdain and hatred to understanding. 

Well, by now you should have noticed a very interesting fact.

It’s impossible to get angry when you are peaceful.

It’s also probably not possible to feel dissatisfied when you’re grateful.

It’s impossible to dislike and condemn someone or something if you understand them. 

When you are able to transmute these negative emotions (or vibrations) into higher level ones like peace, joy and gratitude… you’re able to make any situation work for you.

It’s almost like mental jiu jitsu.

For example, I was diagnosed with a minor health issue last year. 

I can no longer write and type as fast as I used to which was slightly annoying to me… however, I quickly did a Reframe which was huge for me.

The Reframe was this…

Write slower. Think deeper. 

Because of this reframe, I was conditioning my mind to treat this health issue as a gift from the universe.

I began to write less and slower… but with greater intention and focus. 

And truth be told, I felt my writing improved.

It became much clearer and more succinct. 

That’s just an example of one of the Reframes I’ve applied to my life and it has helped me write far better than before. 

If you’re able to apply multiple Reframes, you now have the power to turn obstacles into gifts. 

However, it’s not just enough to learn Reframes.

You have to understand how to integrate Reframing into your life. 

That’s how you grow, give and get an edge.

Instead of allowing life to happen to you, you have to recalibrate yourself such that life happens for you.

That’s the secret to maintaining meaningful work, enriching relationships, and a joyful life.

To do that, you need to “have a bias for action.”

Wait, let’s reframe this and see what happens. Let’s head straight to the Reframe Lab.


Reframe Lab Candidate #1

“You need to have a bias for action.

The typical response when someone hears or reads the above phrase is a silent or auditory nod signaling agreement.

Rarely anyone revisits this because of “why fix something that’s not broken” attitude ( BTW, this is also something you need to reflect upon).

Or, let’s consider the opposite of “having a bias for action.”

It will be “having a bias for status-quo.”

That’s bad.

So, that means “having a bias for action” must be good.


Yes, but, is it good enough?

Maybe not.

How about we try a reframe right here?

Let’s replace “action” with “contribution.”


“You need to have a bias for contribution.”

You see that the “bias for action” does not guarantee the direction of focus - towards yourself or towards someone else. The “bias for contribution” clearly sets the focus on something outside of you. Yes, all we did was change one word - from “action” to “contribution” and it made all the difference.

You may be thinking why we didn’t think of this before?

Because most people think in terms of absolutes (Eg: Black or White, Zero or One, Day and Night, etc). However, most things in life are on a continuum. Once we bring this awareness to the foreground, you can think - if “bias for action” is on a continuum, what’s next? You will then come up with things like “bias for contribution”, “bias for collaboration”, “bias for excellence”, “bias for best-in-class” and so on.

It’s as if there were some “hidden blessings” in that phrase and changing one word unlocked those blessings.

Hmm... ”Hidden Blessings.

Reframe Alert!

Let’s head to the reframe lab again.

Change the words you use and you will change the worlds (inner and outer) you live in.


Reframe Lab Candidate #2

I was attending one of the Mastermind sessions organized by my friend Yanik Silver. As always, the people were cool and the discussions were enriching. Andrea Simpson, a fellow mastermind member picked a card from the “Hawthorn Deck” - it was Card #7 titled “Hidden Blessings” Andrea patiently explained what the meaning of the card was. I don’t remember everything now. But, long after the Mastermind session ended, the words “Hidden Blessings” kept ringing in my head.

On the same day, I had three other meetings. At each one of them, just for fun, I silently asked myself,

What are the hidden blessings here?

Interestingly, at each one of them, I did find something - a blessing or not, it was something I observed that I probably not have observed if I had not asked that question, slowed down, and deliberately wore the metaphorical detective hat to look for a blessing.

I continued this practice the very next day.

And the day after.

And the next day after.

Until... It became my second nature - a default rather than deliberate.

Did I find a blessing every single time?


Did I find more blessings in the first 7 days compared to any other “7-day period” I could remember from the last few years?

You bet!

That is the power of a reframe. Post-reframe, it’s a new world for me.

Do I want to go back to the world before the reframe?


Seeing a new world filled with new possibilities clearly in your mind’s eye is the ultimate self-seduction: putting you on a path of no return transporting you to that new world.

Here’s what Vishal Bhatia, Founder of Dedicated Developers has to say about Rajesh Setty

Vishal Bhatia

Founder, Dedicated Developers

"Water boils at 211 F and becomes the powerful steam at 212 F. That one degree makes all the difference. Working with Rajesh and his frameworks brings that 1 degree impact in your life and business. I will always be grateful for his mentorship, friendship and wisdom.”

You should take this course if...


You are an ambitious leader on a fast-track growth path, looking for an edge.


You are doing well, but you know that you could do even better.


Your team members are doing their best. But, there is room to grow.

Think about it:

As a leader, you have already been practicing the art of reframing in one form or the other. 

You might have picked it up from someone around you - at home, at work, or from one of your other friends or acquaintances. 

Or you might have picked it up from some personal development experts like Tony Robbins, Brendan Burchard or Jack Canfield. 

That said, there are no schools that are teaching it right now at a level required to give you an edge in your career. 

That said, there’s several degrees to Reframing. 

Most people see it as a form of leadership/personal development where they use it to advance their careers or business.

To me, Reframing is a discipline or a way of life. 

It’s a form of mental jiu-jitsu. 

A philosophy where whatever the universe throws at me, I’ll take it.

And that’s why there are dozens of ways to apply it (if you’re resourceful). 

You can even apply it on your love life:

For example, if you get into an argument with your wife/spouse… one might feel annoyed or unhappy. 

However, if we reframe our experience, it could be that the universe is hinting that your marriage has certain issues which require the both of you to solve. 

If we apply it to our careers and work…

Let’s say if there is a member in your team who isn’t performing…

Instead of getting angry with him or her, we can show a higher level of empathy. 

If we reframe our perspective, it could be that he or she needs your help and the universe sent you this person to guide him or her.

By helping the other person grow, we are also growing too in our own capacity.

When we change the way we think, we change our feelings, our actions and eventually our destiny. 

If you’re keen to master the art of Reframe, then I’d like to invite you to come for Flourish By Design.

What if you got access to two dozen tried-and-tested powerful reframes for work and life in the next couple of weeks?

What if, along the way, you learned to strengthen your reframing muscleand make it your superpower?

Well, in short, you will see expanded possibilities instantly in your work and life. What used to appear like “problems to avoid” starts to appear like “possibilities to embrace.” People who are following you will see you as someone who just acquired some magical powers as conversations with you become mini possibility hackathons. You and everyone in your team will enter the freeway to fast-track growth.

And, if you are an aspiring leader, you will start leading even before you are awarded that title.

Ready to get started?

Welcome to

“Flourish by Design”

Welcome to the World of New Possibilities Powered by Reframes.

What will you get out of the course?
(assuming you participate not just with your mind, but also bring your heart and soul into the program)

20+ Powerful Reframes

You will get access to 20+ or more powerful reframes that have played a major role in everything I have been able to accomplish. Just this alone is worth probably 25X of what you have invested in the course. 

Reframing Muscles

You will learn to build your “reframing muscle” as you go through the course, so very soon you will have fun devising, refining, deploying, living, and loving the magic that comes from the world of reframing.

Team & Network Upgrade 

Your team members and your network will indirectly benefit as you share what you learned. You will uplift them as you are uplifting yourself to see and pursue new possibilities that come your way in abundance.

Lifetime Growth

You expand your network and won’t stop at “lifelong learning”, but are committed to “lifetime growth” - the magic you will create with this new network you found and with new possibilities - priceless.

Here’s what Anurag Vaish, Founder & CEO of Mentza has to say about Rajesh Setty

Anurag Vaish

Founder and CEO of Mentza

"I have seen people with great experiences and insights. And routinely they will they bring a lot to the table when one is trying to learn from them. Where Rajesh makes a difference is by adding his humility and humor to the mix. That’s what to my mind opens up people to an absorption-mode, a must have for people to enjoy learning. Every week for the last 25 weeks i have witnessed this in my every conversation with Rajesh. And I have no doubt it would be the same in this really intriguing design sessions. Enjoy & Learn."

What is the format of the course?

  • 2-week or 4-week curated cohort-based course that is predominantly experienced in asynchronous mode.
  • We start on Sunday and end on Saturday.
  • Every week you can expect to learn, discuss and apply five or more reframes
  • Live classes whenever they are scheduled will be recorded and the archives will be made available to every participant.
  • Course Ambassadors will be available to engage and answer questions in the course forums.

What does a typical day look like in terms of participating in the course?

Here is what we suggest:


Watch the lesson for the day. It should not take more than 30-minutes to do that.

Reflect and Apply

Throughout the day look for one or more opportunities to apply that within your own context.


Answer the questions associated with the lesson in the forum before the end of the day.


Read and thoughtfully respond to submissions from other participants.

What is the investment?


3 weeks
  • Course Fee : $1000
  • Welcome Kit : $50


Limited Seats!

Here’s what Adeo Ressi, Founder of The Founders Institute has to say about Rajesh Setty

Adeo Ressi

Founder, The Founders Institute

“Rajesh is an engaging and thoughtful Mentor in the Founder Institute, and his talks are widely respected by Founders around the world.”


Please set aside 1-2 hours for this segment before you get started with the course. This includes setting up your profile, introducing yourself, and learning about the other participants in your sub-group at a minimum.

Details, resources, and instructions will be provided.

You can skip pre-work, but then you will be signing up for a “discounted result” - it’s your choice.



OUTSEE: Getting Ready

  • How the world sees you & how you see yourself
  • Unboxing your Intro
  • Onboarding call with coach
  • Onboarding call with mentza (practice in public)
  • Live session: Kick-off session + how the world sees you

    Week 1


    THINK: Thinking Different

  • Being present & Pre-like switch
  • Dealing with distractions (SAD, GD)
  • Threshold resets
  • Zeroth impression
  • Live session: The power of playgrounds / to-think lists
  • Guest Lecture
  • Week 2


    GROW: Accumulating Power

  • Treating requests with care (Welcome hurdle & 5-part framework to say no)
  • The Practical Generosity Quotient
  • Staying calm, getting good feedback and more
  • Change your words to change your worlds
  • Live session: How to make power connections

    Week 3


    COLLABORATE: Deepening Relationships

  • Gratitude inaction to gratitude in action
  • TMMD & Missing in the past
  • Conversations that click
  • Notice, engineer, and capitalize on hunger alignment
  • Live session: Levels of gratitude / DYAD

    Here’s what Dan Statford, Founder of Standpoint has to say about Rajesh Setty

    Dan Stratford

    Founder, Standpoint

    "As a first-time entrepreneur, I was hungry for advice that would give me an edge. When Rajesh taught me the first reframes, I immediately started seeing new possibilities. The more time passes the more I realize just how valuable they are, and I keep going back to review and apply better."

    Meet Rajesh Setty

    Entrepreneur I Author I Teacher

    Rajesh Setty is often referred to as Silicon Valley's secret "spark plug" for startups, scale-ups (and shake-ups)

    Being a Polymath, Rajesh is constantly in the middle of running experiments across a variety of seemingly unrelated areas of interest, but with the common goal of how to create a better world through the projects, he incubates as one of the founders or participates in some meaningful capacity to help the founders.

    Together, the startups that Rajesh has co-founded are valued at $150+ million, and the ones where he serves as a mentor are valued at $700+ million. Finally, he has also taught 2000+ entrepreneurs as part of Founder Institute & beyond.

    His latest startups are Audvisor and MentorCloud.

    His latest books are "Six Foot World" and "Smart, but Stuck."

    His latest courses are "The Right Hustle" and "Flourish by Design."

    His latest products are the #InsideFirst series of books and Thoughtful Cards.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    (I have also included a few “not so” frequently asked questions”)

    #1. Will this course change my life?

    #2. How many times will you open enrollment in the public course?

    #3. How much time should I allot per day to make the most of the course?

    #4. Can we bring this program to our company?

    #5. Why do you charge for this course? Why not give this for free?

    #6. What do you think is the transformational takeaway at the end of this four-week course?

    #7. I like to attend. What should I do to get my company to cover the tuition?

    #8 Why do you schedule the course on Saturday and Sunday?

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